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"Nathan Fisher has an extraordinary gift to transform an author’s ideas into a visual treat for the reader.  His visionary images capture the imagination, and draw you into limitless possibilities.  For the sci-fi author, who creates worlds yet to be discovered, this is critical.  Nathan understands this challenge and consistently provides creative solutions.  I would recommend Nathan to any author desiring to transport their potential buyers across the threshold of the ordinary into awe-inspiring new realities."


– Tom Terbush, author of “The Following: Beneath the surface of Beniwan”

How I Work


I strive to deliver the same creative excellence in our work that you demand of your own.


I recognize that your book is a labor of love and, if you could, you would design it’s cover with the same personal touch that went into writing it.  But just because writing and design are two different talents, your book cover does not have to be void of your vision.  The solution is to hire an expert designer who cares about your ideas and your satisfaction.  Not only do I apply the experience, talent, and passion that will help you knock your book sales out of the solar system, I begin the process with the oft forgotten art of listening.


I depend on information and feedback from my clients to ensure the development of high quality, effective designs.  All of my creative work will depend on thorough communication and careful gathering of all the necessary information related to the client’s visions and desires.  Once I have all the information I need, and my proposal and scheduling has been agreed to and accepted, I will begin the contracted work.


What's In It For You?


When the writing is done, and the blood, sweat and tears are on every page, the time comes for an author to make the incredibly important investment in the book cover design that will help them sell as many books as possible.  The key is to hire a designer who will work with you, and who truly cares about communicating the essence of your story with compelling and attention-grabbing artwork.  The collaboration between author and designer will result in a cover that will attract readers through it’s powerful visual representation of ideas.  I believe that the cover should allow the book to stand out among the competition…and to rack up it’s sales by the shipload!


Here is the step by step process by which I work:


1. I schedule an initial 30 minute phone conversation with you so we can meet, get a feel for each other, and discuss your book project.


2. You decide that I am the perfect fit for you to work with, and to move forward with the next step.


3. I put together and email to you a proposal custom-tailored to your project. I also email to you my standard work agreement/contract.


4. You sign the proposal and work agreement/contract and return them to me.


5. I set up a payment plan with you.


6. You send the first payment to begin work. Payment options accepted are check sent in the mail, credit card over the phone (Visa, MC, Discover, or AMEX), or Paypal.


7. We schedule another phone conversation to discuss essential elements of your book to begin work.


8. If you have hired me to create an illustrated book cover or book interior page illustrations, and if your required timeline allows for it (in other words, you are not in a rush to get your book released), then I will read your book from cover to cover and look for the inspiration in your story and key scene(s) for developing strong cover art and/or illustrations. But, if you are in a rush and the required production timeline does not allow the time necessary for me to read your book from cover to cover, then I will have you pick some key selections from your manuscript for me to read that will give me ideas and inspiration for the landscape, architecture, and/or key elements of your story.


9. After I read the key selections you picked from your manuscript, or after I read your book from cover to cover (if your required timeline allows for it), then you and I will talk about your book.


10. I will take that info and develop 2 or 3 rough solutions for the cover design. I also will begin work on your inside page design/layout and/or inside page illustration work.


11. With your feedback, we narrow down to the solution that is best for your book's front cover. I then refine that option into a final cover design that includes a finished front, back, and spine.


12. I send you designs for inside page layout and/or illustrations. With your feedback, I bring those items to completion.


13. I set up your cover design and inside page layout for press and send it to be printed.


14. At this point, I also can have your book converted and set up as an eBook with Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple's iBookstore for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch electronic devices.


15. You send me final payments based on the payment plan in our work agreement.


16. Now that your book is ready to invade the marketplace, we can begin the process to create the marketing tools you will use in your conquest to sell a shipload of books.


To begin the process that will ignite your book towards a successful launch and long-term sales, please click here to schedule a free consultation.