Sci-Fi Book Cover Designer was founded by senior designer and "Sci-Fi Book Design Specialist”, Nathan Fisher.  For over 15 years, Nathan has brought a deeply personal sense of caring and dedication to every project he has taken on.  He has combined his years of experience, expert skill and endless talent with his boundless passion for the science fiction genre, to bring his clients unique artwork they can proudly use to adorn their novels.  Nathan has a truly compelling desire to provide you with the best possible book cover for your personal story.  With every project he completes, he further extends his reach toward artistic excellence.


In addition to book cover design, Sci-Fi Book Cover Designer offers a full range of creative services including interior book design / layout, book illustration, and creating tools to promote the books you publish including logos, business cards, websites, website videos, book display banners and more – all geared toward reaching your potential book customers and generating positive results for your self-published author business. Nathan is focused on helping his clients build brand enthusiasm, generate sales momentum, and to stand out in the crowded marketplace.




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